Cheesy Fun In Indiana

Have you ever seen cheese being made? How about sampling dozens of flavors of specialty cheeses, before you decide which ones you will purchase? Well, you can do both of these things at Guggisberg Deutsch Kase Haus in Middlebury, Indiana. Deutsch Kase Haus is translated “German Cheese House.” This fun little shop was started in … More Cheesy Fun In Indiana

Pokémon Go Fever

We all have the fever. I may possibly have it worse than everyone else. Yes, we have all caught the Pokémon Go Bug! I must admit that I only started playing because the kids told me to. But, I quickly got into it!   Is it bad to plan your daily route around Poke Stops? Do … More Pokémon Go Fever

Our Summer Home

We have a home in every state. Well, in every state we visit. That is one of the many benefits to full time RV living! This year, our summer home is in New Hampshire. We actually have a lot of family in New Hampshire, so we like to spend several months a year in the … More Our Summer Home

Blueberry Pickin’

My son went blueberry picking with his Aunt on his birthday this year. That sparked a fever in me to make blueberry muffins and cakes. I’ll be honest with you, I went on pinterest and pinned about a gazillion blueberry recipes before we even went to a blueberry patch. Is it a patch? A farm? … More Blueberry Pickin’

Diamond Mining!

For years we have been driving past Herkimer, New York, on our way to and from New England. I have always wanted to try my hand at mining the famous Herkimer Diamonds. This year I finally got my chance! Herkimer diamonds are actually not diamonds. They are actually incredibly clear double-terminated quartz crystals. We have … More Diamond Mining!

Hampton Beach

One of the things that is always on my list of things to do, when we are in New England, is going to Hampton Beach. It’s just a nice little beach, with a cute town. I like that it’s not a huge area, or a huge beach.  Personally,  I only like going on sunny days.  It’s just … More Hampton Beach