Hampton Beach

One of the things that is always on my list of things to do, when we are in New England, is going to Hampton Beach. It’s just a nice little beach, with a cute town. I like that it’s not a huge area, or a huge beach.  Personally,  I only like going on sunny days.  It’s just not the same to me on a cloudy day. But, you will see people there no matter what the weather.  And,  there will be people swimming in that cold, cold, cold Atlantic!

We like to spend most of our time on the beach, but we also like to take time to walk the boardwalk, which is the main street are.  You can shop for t-shirts, beach wear, food, toys, taffy, and pretty much anything you want or need, including a pet hermit crab!  Everyone in my family loves Sal’s pizza, and we usually need to stop at the candy store for the big kids to spend their money.  There are dozens of shops to keep everyone happy!

We are used to really hot weather, thanks to Arizona summers.  So, to us, a 90 degree day at the beach is heaven. People in New England start complaining about the heat when it gets to the 80’s, which makes us laugh!  The kids and I don’t even like swimming when the temps are lower than 90.  We are wimps!

This year we have been to Hampton Beach several times.  The kids love playing in the sand and  boogie boarding.  Sometimes we hunt for crabs at the end of the beach, in the rocky area.  I could sit on the beach all day, soaking up the sun, and relaxing!  I am not a fan of the cold Atlantic water.   My feet get numb just wading in to watch the kids.  My idea of the beach is sitting on my butt and watching everyone play.

The beach is super crowded pretty much all summer. We like going to the end where it is less crowded.  However, that means we are far away from the bathrooms! They have 3 nice bath-houses with bathrooms/showers/lockers.  But, the parking is definitely difficult, and is usually the determining factor in where we hang out on the beach. It is crazy impossible to find parking in the middle of the day on a weekend. You really have to go early in the day or later.  The beach is as busy as California beaches, but with less space. So, you definitely don’t get your own private beach! But, it’s never been a deterrent to us. People are generally happy at the beach!

We also like to drive along the coast a little.  It’s a nice drive up by Rye and Jennes Beaches.  That is usually where I find my smooth beach stones for painting our Adventure Nuts rocks! There are even some little eating places along the way.

Hampton Beach is as busy at night in the summer, as it is during the day.  However, the main attraction at night is the boardwalk area.  They even have fireworks on Wednesday nights, movies on the beach, a stage with performers, and plenty of activities.  It is definitely worth your time, if you are within an hour or two of Hampton.

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