Blueberry Pickin’

20160802_122437.jpgMy son went blueberry picking with his Aunt on his birthday this year. That sparked a fever in me to make blueberry muffins and cakes. I’ll be honest with you, I went on pinterest and pinned about a gazillion blueberry recipes before we even went to a blueberry patch. Is it a patch? A farm? A field? I don’t know, but I do know that there are dozens of places that you can pick your own blueberries in Southern New Hampshire! So, that became the most important thing on my “to-do” list, as soon as there was a sunny day.

20160802_132031.jpgWe decided on a farm called Durocher Farms in Litchfield, New Hampshire. It was close to us, and was open on the day we could go. They have a little booth-tent thing set up where you pick up your bucket before you head out to do your picking. This is also the place you pay on your way out.  You can bring your own bucket, but you don’t need to. They had kiddie sized buckets and big buckets. I took the biggest bucket because I had visions of baked goods dancing in my head!

20160802_125221Kids and adults alike had a great time finding the plumpest, bluest berries possible. They had netting loosely covering the rows of blueberry bushes, to keep out the birds. It seemed to work well. The bushes were full! We ended up at finding the back half of the field was full of yummy berries. Of course we sampled a few, to make sure they were ripe and delicious! I think the kids went with the 50-50 rule. Pick one, eat one, pick one, eat one…

The blueberries were $2.85 a pound. They measure everything for you and give you a box if you need one, to bring them home. We spent about $50! I could have stayed longer; it was so therapeutic filling up that bucket with those wonderful little berries! I had temporary dreams of planting my own blueberry fields there in New Hampshire and living the country life. But then I remembered that they have snow in the winter. Snow is NOT on my list of favorite things.

20160802_130449It was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon! As soon as I got home and washed the blueberries,  I made a blueberry dump cake with a boxed mix because we were having dinner with some cousins. It was absolutely fabulous! I kept some out for snacking and froze the rest. You will surely see more posts in the future with the many delicious things I plan to make, if the kids don’t eat all of the blueberries first!




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