Our Summer Home

We have a home in every state. Well, in every state we visit. That is one of the many benefits to full time RV living! This year, our summer home is in New Hampshire. We actually have a lot of family in New Hampshire, so we like to spend several months a year in the area. The best time to be in New England for us is summer and fall. It works out great because we really like to get out of the Arizona heat at that time. Also, one of our older boys is going to college in New Hampshire, and we wanted to spend some extra time with him this year.

20160718_163109We are fortunate to be able to stay in our good friend, Tom’s, driveway while we are in New Hampshire. A few years ago, he let us put in a 50 amp hook-up and we just connect to his water. We even have a special set up to dump our tanks into his septic. (Look for a post soon about that cool little device!) We basically of take over his driveway, and he is awesome to let us use his washer and dryer, and anything else we need. We really have it good here, especially since the kids love hanging out with their Uncle Tommy!

We knew we would be staying for a few months this year, so we brought a few things we don’t normally travel with. For example, we normally leave our Direct TV dish in Arizona! The hubby and boys wanted to see if they could get it to work at Uncle Tommy’s. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with football starting while we are here.

I also brought a couple of plants. I can’t be without my aloe, and my rosemary was doing really well. I didn’t want to risk leaving it behind to die in the Arizona sun. We also brought along a lot of extra crafty supplies because we have a lot of project ideas. I figured we would be sitting in one place long enough to play with some ideas. However, we have been here in a month and haven’t had time yet. We have been driving around and exploring, hiking, going to the beach, etc. We brought the kids bikes, but not ours. We need to get some sort of system to carry bikes better first.

Our friend, Tom, has been struggling with some health issues this summer. It has been nice that we could be here to help him out and drive him around. I’m a firm believer that things always happen for a reason, and we were meant to be here for an extended time this year. But, I honestly can’t complain. The gorgeous setting can’t be beat. And, the weather is pretty perfect most days. Occasionally there is icky sticky humidity, but most days we get 80-90 degrees, which just happens to be my happy temps. It sure beats 110, which is what is was when we left Arizona this year. And, we are in a great location, in Southern New Hampshire, to explore the best of New England. Life is good!


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