Pokémon Go Fever

20160819_132654We all have the fever. I may possibly have it worse than everyone else. Yes, we have all caught the Pokémon Go Bug! I must admit that I only started playing because the kids told me to. But, I quickly got into it!   Is it bad to plan your daily route around Poke Stops? Do you get excited when traffic slows to less than 15 miles per hour? Do you curse Zubats and Pidgeys? Have you “invested” in an extra battery pack? Or two?

20160819_132833Fortunately, our older (college age) boys are just as bad, if not worse than me!  Does anyone else hear their teenage son opening the door to leave at 1am and yell, “Hey, take my phone too! What Pokémon is it?”   I can’t tell you how many awesome evolved Pokémon we have gotten in the middle of the night. Like I said, it’s an addiction.

20160819_132550Ok, on the slightly serious side, there are some pretty cool things we have learned while playing Pokémon Go. Since we are traveling and sightseeing a lot, we have been paying attention to the Poke Stop info. A lot of Poke Stops are monuments or historic places of interest. If you aren’t just driving by, it’s worth taking a moment to check out the area. In New England, we have found some pretty cool old cemeteries, some neat parks, and some old monuments related to the Civil War and Revolutionary War. I guess that helps me justify my addiction just a teeny bit.

We have definitely gotten out and about a lot more. We’ve done some walking around in towns that we would not normally have gone to; because we heard that they had some great Pokémon spawning points. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that. Most of all, it is FUN. Good clean family fun. We play together, we talk strategy, and we have fun.

To commemorate the summer of Pokémon Go, we decided to leave Poke-Rocks, Adventure Nuts style! We have already left (and a few have been found) some Poke Ball rocks around New England. We are going to drop them at Gym sites, Poke Stops, and places where lots of people congregate to play the game. We will be leaving a lot of them in New England while we are here. However, we will definitely save some for our trip across country when we head west! Maybe you’ll find one!


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