We Moved! Again.

We moved to another RV park. Again. One of the great things about living the RV lifestyle is being able to pick up and move your home wherever you want, whenever you want.

We actually got back to Arizona about 3 weeks ago. However, the park we’ve been staying at for 3 years had a change of management for the worse , and a huge price increase.  So, we packed up our stuff and moved down the road for almost half the price.

The new place even has a pool, horseshoes , a small enclosed dog park,  and shuffleboard. Yes, I said shuffleboard. That’s because it’s a 55-plus park. Many people don’t know that a lot of 55 plus Parks allow 20% of people under 55, including children. This is a real benefit considering Arizona has very few Family RV parks that aren’t sketchy trailer park kind of places or that aren’t crazy expensive.

We are of the opinion that since we bring the house to stay in and we pay for our own electric, then we are just renting a slab of dirt with maybe a patio on it and a few amenities. In my opinion that should never be more than $350 a month. There are parks that charge $1200 a month for an RV slab! That’s insane!

The cool thing about this park (besides the pool), is that we moved here with 10 friends and neighbors from the other park! We weren’t the only ones that were unhappy about the changes. So, the really cool thing is that we have a bunch of people here that we know. People in RV parks, in our experience, tend to look out for each other.

We were lucky to find a place this time of year. The parks are filling up with snowbirds. Not only were we able to find a spot, but we’re able to get spots next to each other.


We were even able to set up a little oasis sitting area in front of our trailer. It has shade! Yay!

We spent the entire day yesterday  moving our stuff and helping our friends.  We even moved our snowbird friends (our kids’ adopted grandparents). They have a trailer AND a chicken  coop full of chickens. Our kids love taking care of the chickens and having fresh eggs.

At our last Park we didn’t have much space and we were out in the open. Therefore, we couldn’t make a little patio area very easily. So, this is really nice for us. We will enjoy it as long gone as we are here. However long that may be!

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