Searching for Sasquatch in Colorado

20161008_143622One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to find odd roadside attractions. Some of our favorite memories are of these often larger than life oddities.  On our way through Colorado this fall, we heard about a Sasquatch Outpost. Of course, we had to stop.

20161008_143430We actually drove about an hour out of our way to find the Sasquatch Outpost in a little town called Bailey, Colorado.  I was a bit concerned as we got to the town, since we were towing our 5th wheel, and I wasn’t sure we could park or even move about the tiny town.  But, it wasn’t a problem. There was a long area next to the Outpost that we fit alongside easily.

20161008_135803The Sasquatch Outpost is a small store and museum. They sell every Big Foot souvenir you could possibly imagine. They also have a section of the store with hiking and outdoor or camping equipment. Possibly for an excursion into the mountains to go “Squatching?”

20161008_134747They have a tiny museum called the “Sasquatch Encounter.”  It only costs a few dollars to enter.  Inside we learned about the many sightings in the area and what to look for.  The kids are huge fans of the TV show, “Finding Bigfoot.”  They believe it all.  So, it was extra fun to watch them take it all it.

Whether you believe in Big Foot or Sasquatch, or whatever you want to call  it, the Outpost is a fun, quirky stop. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the shop, learning about the sightings, and imagining our own encounter. And, it is a beautiful drive, through some beautiful Colorado mountains. And you never know who or what you might spot along the way!


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