Great Dane Nearly Burns Down RV With GoPro!

Have you ever seen a motor home or trailer catch on fire?  They can burn down in a matter of minutes.  It’s a scary thing to watch.  Because of that, we have always taught our kids that the minute the smoke alarm goes off, you get out. Take nothing, just get out safely.  However, when our fifth wheel nearly caught on fire, we weren’t even there.

20161107_091920We were only at the RV park laundry room for about 20 minutes.  When we got back, one of the kids opened the door and yelled, “the house is full of smoke!”  We got the dogs and everyone out and away from the trailer, and Dad rushed to find the source of the smoke before we had actual flames. It took several minutes for him to notice the burned area on our bed and our GoPro Hero 4 and accessories strewn about the bed.

Apparently, our lovely puppy, Ben, decided to use the GoPro as a chew toy.  He also used the GoPro battery as a chew toy.  That is where the real problem was. Apparently the battery shorted out and heated up when it was punctured by enormous Great Dane teeth.

The battery was horribly burned up and had burned holes all the way through a folded pair of jeans (4 layers of denim), a duvet cover, and a comforter. Fortunately, it stopped at the comforter. Somehow, it just stopped.  We have no idea how, but we are guessing that it stopped before actually flames started.

We are so incredibly lucky.  As I was cleaning up the smoke smell out of our fifth wheel for 3 days, I kept reminding myself how very lucky we are.  Not just because of the smoke and potential fire, but also because this crazy dog could be doing a lot of damage to our home!  We were just getting comfortable leaving Ben in the house running free, out of his kennel. I really don’t want to put the huge Great Dane sized  kennel back in the 5th wheel. It’s so nice to have walking space in the kids’ area. And, honestly, all the dogs do is sleep.  At least that’s what we thought.20161003_191400If anyone knows anyone who works for GoPro, can you have them contact me?? I have an EXCELLENT idea for a commercial.  Besides the battery, our GoPro Hero 4 and most of the other accessories, turned out to be practically indestructible.  It withstood the jaws of a 130 pound Great Dane pup and came out with only minor damage!

Don’t you think Ben would be great in a GoPro commercial?  Maybe he could pay us back for all of the damage he caused with his earnings!


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