Veteran’s Day Parade – Arizona Style

Today we celebrated Veteran’s Day by going to a parade in Mesa, Arizona.  Since our recent election, earlier this week, people have been going all kinds of crazy.  Today, it was beautiful.  Thousands of people came out to celebrate those who defend our right to vote, to protest, to speak freely, to be American.  And everyone was respectful, kind, and happy.

I love parades as much as my kids do. I can’t explain why. It just makes me happy.  I love that the community gets together and waves and cheers for each other.  And, it’s just fun. And, in Arizona, there is still gorgeous weather, tons of horses and motorcycles, flyovers, and cowboys. It’s Veteran’s Day, Arizona style!

Veteran’s Day always adds a bit more to a parade.  I am always touched to tears by the honor plaques of fallen soldiers that are carried by volunteers. I feel an incredible pride when I see soldiers in uniform proudly participating, or people in the crowd standing and saluting as the flag passes.  I am honored to have many, many family members and friends that have served in our military. And, it is important to me that my children see the important part that they played in our procuring and maintaining our freedoms.

I am incredibly proud to be an American. I am grateful to our American Veterans for their service and their sacrifice. For me, this awesome Veteran’s Day parade was the perfect way to end a crazy election week and teach my kids a lesson in perspective.

20161111_115849But, seriously, I freaked out a little  at the end.  The scariest thing happened.  Santa was the last one in the parade.  Apparently we need reminding that we only have 44 days left until Christmas. Ugh.  Election stress over…time to stress about Christmas!


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