Visiting Plimoth Plantation


In honor of Thanksgiving, I figured that I should post something Pilgrim related! This past summer we spent most of our time in New England. While we were there, we decided to go check out Plimoth Plantation.  We actually visited the Mayflower II first, and the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, before heading over to the Plimoth Plantation Living Museum.

20160916_151952We learned that they spell Plimoth Plantation differently than the town of Plymouth, because it was the most common spelling that Governor Bradford used in his writings.  Apparently in the 17th century, people were pretty random about spelling, and there were several common spellings.  The town eventually went with Plymouth and the Plantation went with Plimoth.

20160916_154313We only had a couple of hours before they closed,  so one of the interpreters recommended we head to the Indian village first.  We looked around and talked to the costumed interpreters .  There  was a woman cooking a traditional Indian stew. She  let the kids grind some corn into meal and told us what the ate and how they built their homes.  There were some interpreters inside the buildings to speak with us as well.

20160916_155152After the Indian Villiage we took a leisurely walk to the craft center.  Here they have artisans making authentic crafts and wares in the same way they were made in the 17th century.  Of course you can buy some of these wares in the gift shops.

They also had a bee garden with bee hives set up. We learned that bees were not native to America. They were brought here.

The craft center is right across from the entrance to the village.  At the entrance you go by a sign that says you are entering into the 17th century.  The costumed interpreters are basically informed actors and they will absolutely NOT break character.

We had a nice long chat with a villager who invited us to sit and ask questions. She told us about her voyage and her family.  It’s actually quite easy to get caught up in the feel of it all.  There are several guides/interpreters that are dressed in modern clothes. They aren’t acting and can answer questions from a modern perspective.

We were pretty lucky that it wasn’t busy. We were able to get some good pictures and some one on one interactions.  Afternoon on a weekday seems to be a great time to visit. Make sure you have at least 2 hours though.  We got a package ticket deal to see Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower 2. We had plenty of time for both activities, plus time for lunch and a little exploring. Although next time I would probably make sure we were there earlier.20160916_165357


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