And Yet Another RV Park

Moving RV parks isn’t usually an issue. But, moving right after Christmas was a little crazier than usual. We decided to move out of the last park in Mesa, AZ because of the amount of sketchy people and increased police presence. But, we had to move at the begining of the month, which was a little nuts.

Luckily, we weren’t going very far. However,  because I wasn’t organized (still recovering from Christmas), we basically piled all of the extra inside stuff onto the couch and beds and threw the outside stuff in the back of our trucks!

shelli (481)I’m not proud of the mess, but it did motivate me to clean up when we got to the new place.

shelli (482)We definitely like the new RV park a lot better. Although, at the last place we did have a spot along the wall, which gave us more privacy. The cool thing is, we have a huge lot now. It is backed up to 5 other lots though. Hopefully the neighbors are nice!

This park has RV sites and park homes all mixed together. But, the RVers get their own pool, clubhouse, and gym. And they have laundry facilities too.  So far we like it. We are even allowed to have a shed and a temporary type fence if we want it. I love the idea of a fence for the dogs. And it does make my mind swirl with project ideas for the outside!

Our goal is to stay here when we are in Arizona in the winter. If we take trips, we can leave our vehicles and stuff on the lot while we are gone. It should make things simpler for us, and easier to take off.

You’ll be glad to know that the couch is clear again. Well, I guess its not exactly clear. Today it’s been taken over by a giant dog and children doing school work! Ahhh…my crazy RV life. Gotta love it!shelli (488)


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