Easy RV Screen Door Stencil DIY

I love living in our Cyclone 5th Wheel trailer.  Besides being cozy and fun, it’s also very classy.  They did a great job styling it.  However, it looks like every other trailer out there. Brown, brown, and tan.  I am always searching for ways to personalize it and make it less like the others.

Last year I saw some beautiful stained glass windows that are made to fit the entry door window.  However, our budget doesn’t quite allow for that yet, and my stained glass stuff is deep in our storage locker. So, I came up with a different idea for the entrance.  Why not try and stencil a design on the screen door instead?

20160630_194632Here are the things you need for this project:


-White Acrylic Paint (used matte)

-Stenciling dabbers

-Stencil adhesive

-painter’s tape (optional)

 Step 1

Make sure your screen door and stencils are clean and dry


Step 2

Apply stencil adhesive to stencil and stick to screen. Make sure you apply the adhesive to the edges thoroughly so that paint doesn’t sneak under the edges and so that it sticks well.  Press stencil to screen and rub it along the edges to make sure it is secure

You can use painter’s tape to the edges to hold the stencil in place, if you think it needs it.  I did one with tape and one without and didn’t notice a difference.

20160630_192748Step 3

Dip your sponge dabbers into the acrylic paint and dab it onto the open areas in the stencil until you cover the screen.  I found that less is more.  I did 2 light coats because I was worried about putting too much paint on and having it seep under the edges and smear.

Step 4

Remove the stencil

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 with second stencil after paint is completely dry. (Matte acrylic dries very fast in a dry climate)



That is it!  Super simple.  And, the worst case scenario is that you goof up, I think you could easily dab some black/grey acrylic paint over any smears or goof ups.

I actually did this project a few months ago. So far it has lasted without fading or changing at all. It still looks as good as it did the first day.

This is such a quick, cheap project to spruce up your RV entry. I just love having the door open and seeing my “fancy” screen door!

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