Twin Arrows

We like staying at free places. Who doesn’t?  We save a lot of money by sightseeing during the day and staying at free overnight places like Wal-Mart, Cabelas, truck stops, rest areas, and casinos. 

Last night we stayed at a casino just east of Flagstaff, Arizona, called Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort. It was right off highway 40 and very easy to get to. 

It was awesome that the semi trucks are parked in a different area. That made it very quiet. We parked on the far outside perimeter and had tons of room to put slides out and move around. 

There was plenty of room to walk the dogs in the parking lot and desert areas around the perimeter of the parking lot. However, there were a ton of thorny desert scrub bushes, which hurt my bare flip flop feet. So, we had to be careful with my pampered pups and their tender footsies!

We didn’t gamble or eat at the casino this trip, but I hear it’s really nice. Maybe next time! We will definitely stop there again. It felt safe, was well lit, has active security,  and was quiet.   

Do any of you RVers stop at casinos for free overnights?  Where are your favorites?

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