Buffalo Bill Alive And Well

I love roadside attractions! The weirder the better. I love the largest ball of whatever and the biggest frying pan or piece of cheese or crazy barbed wire sculpture. It’s all awesome and I always campaign to stop. I don’t always get my way, but today I did.

In the small town of Oakley, Kansas, on the western side of Kansas, where Interstate 40 and 70 meet, you will find an awesome huge statue of Buffalo Bill shooting a buffalo. There’s even a Buffalo Bill cultural center that you can go into and learn a little bit more about his Wild West show and his years as a contract buffalo hunter for the railroad.

It’s a quick stop, with plenty of RV parking. They have grassy areas for dogs, a picnic table and benches with shade,  clean bathrooms, and even a gift shop.  The dogs were welcome everywhere, even inside.

We walked the dogs around, stretched our legs, and took all the pictures that we wanted to by the statue. It’s kind of a fun statue to take goofy pictures with. A lot of people stand in front of the rifle pretending to block the shot. The dogs mainly just enjoyed the shade that the statue provided while the kids goofed around!

I would say that it’s worth the stop! But then again, I also thought that the largest frying pan in Iowa was worth the stop. Let’s just say that it’s free, and it is definitely worth the detour if you’re in the area!

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