Moon Marble Company

We went to the moon today.  The Moon Marble Company, that is! Just outside of Kansas City, Kansas, in a little town called Bonner Springs. And that is where you will find the wonderful Moon Marble Company. 

The store has room after room of marbles, fun items, beautiful glasswork, and tons of old fashioned and modern toys and games. It is a fun store for adults and kids of all ages.  There is something for everyone. 

We were expecting a little shop with a few people, but this place was packed. And, it was a big store in a funky old building. 

The best part was the marble making demonstration. Bruce, the owner, was the one doing the demo when we were there.  They have moderately sized bleachers across from his eclectic workstation, which was packed with around 50 people. 

The demo was fascinating, and Bruce was very entertaining! We got to see him make a large marble, a teeny tiny marble, and a bead. His creations are for sale in the shop, as well as the works of other marble artisans.

Of course, we couldn’t get out of there without buying something. They have marbles in every price range.  The kids each filled a tube with marbles of their choice for only $4. When they checked out, they got to pick their “shooter” marble by closing their eyes and sticking their hand into a crazy statue’s mouth. They loved it!

I was very tempted to buy a fancy marble. They were incredibly beautiful.  But, space is at a premium in our home, so I resisted.

If you are anywhere near Bonner Springs, Kansas,  I would highly recommend stopping in at the Moon Marble Company for an hour or so. You won’t regret it! 

And if you want to see a video about our visit, go to:

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