Ice Cream At The Beach Plum

We love finding special local places. Especially ice cream places. Yum! Recently we stopped at a little gem called the Beach Plum, in North Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  We drive by it every time we drive down the coastline to get more rocks to paint. I’ve been wanting to stop for awhile, and finally we got the chance!
Apparently it’s one of the best ice cream places around, and has won some lobster roll award too. But, we just got ice cream this time.

Don’t let the long lines deter you. The lines are always long. But you need that time to read the whole menu with their gazillions of flavor choices! 

They have HUGE portions! The sundaes were ginornous and the kiddie sized bowls were like med-large sizes at other places.  Only one kid finished their ice cream.  I can only imagine what their large size looks like! We all had their handscooped ice cream,  but they have soft serve, sherbet, sorbet, etc. 

The Beach Plum is located across from North Hampton Beach.  They have a bunch of picnic tables to eat ay, or you can go across to the beach. You can also order ahead for pick up, which is probably a good idea if you are getting food. The prices were ok. It was over $4 for a kiddie size and over $8 for the specialty sundaes. It was over $30 for all of us. That’s gourmet ice cream prices,  I suppose. 

If you are in the area,  it worth a stop. But, you might want to share a portion. You should definitely go there with an empty stomach!

The Beach Plum :

17 Ocean Blvd, North Hampton, NH 03862

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