Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary & Campground

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a wonderful place to see and learn about wolves and high content wolf dogs in a safe, happy environment. It is south of Gallup, near the Arizona-New Mexico border in a little town called Candy Kitchen. The drive itself is beautiful, but Candy Kitchen is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Indian Reservations.

The sanctuary is off of a rock- dirt road but it was still accessible by us in our truck pulling our fifth wheel.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to caring for captive-bred wolves and wolf dogs. In order to see the wolves, you must do a tour. They do tours approximately every hour or so all day long , starting at 11. They are closed on Mondays, but open every other day.

We arrived in time for the final tour of the day, at 3:30. Meg was our tour guide and she was awesome. Most of the people there are volunteers They are very knowledgeable about wolves and about the specific resident wolves and wolf-dogs. We were super lucky to be able to pet one of the Arctic wolves that the director was taking out of the enclosure on a walk. You can have close-up encounters with them and special feeding tours if you pay a little extra, but we just did the general tour and it was well worth it.

I loved hearing about how the animals came to them to be cared for. Some of them came from hoarding situations, but most of them came from domestic situations where people thought it was a good idea to breed or raise a wolf or wolf dog and then realize that it was a huge mistake. Thankfully, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is there to take care of these amazing, beautiful animals. It was so interesting to hear that wolf dogs cannot be domesticated like regular domestic dogs. They have way too many instincts that can be extremely dangerous to humans and confusing to the animal.

They also have other animals that they are providing sanctuary for. They have dogs that were mislabeled as wolves but now can’t be adopted, so they live in a nice pack there. They also have some New Guinea singing dogs, a fox & some Australian Dingoes.

They have a little gift shop at the entrance where you pay for your tour. The shop is basically a Native American Hogan structure, which is pretty cool. They have shirts, jewelry, stuffed animals, books, & typical gift shop items. But they also have jewelry with wolf hair in it! I definitely haven’t seen that before!

They also have an RV Park /Campground.  We decided to stay one night, just for fun. They have a small circle that has level area for RVs, which is where we parked.. We were basically the only people there since its off-season. They don’t have hookups but its only $15 a night. They do have a bathroom and shower house and garbage cans with a picnic table. But the highlight was hearing the Wolves howling all night! It is a little creepy when you turn off the lights and it’s pitch black and you can hear wolves howling. But it was amazing because you could see the stars for miles and you really feel surrounded by nature.

We really lucked out when we were there because we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was kind of cool to have coyotes running around our campsite, and birds everywhere. We also loved walking on the long roads all around the place. It was very peaceful.

You can find the wild spirit wolf sanctuary at:

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